What you can do when shes miscarried.

This is something I am going through at the moment. People want to do something but have no idea how to help.

My husband has took over running the household no small feat with four children three of whom are home educated and he runs his business from home. His support has been amazing. He has made tempting meals I haven’t touched, all I feel like is soup!  I also have a great friend who has offered me endless 24/7 support via text message, she is an experienced doula and has had several miscarriages herself, her reassurance and love has stopped me from running to A and E and putting trust in my body.

I have n’t felt like speaking to anyone, I don’t want to re tell the same sad story, I’ve avoided calling back concerned friends and family as often the conversation ends with me reassuring them either that I am ok (I am not really feeling ok) or counselling them through their past loses which is not what I need right now. So calling a friend who has miscarried isnt the best idea. What I really wanted is for people to come round to hug me bring me soup and just listen if I wanted to talk.

Heres a list of thing i would have loved someone to drop round last week,

Maternity Sanitary Towels, wipes and nappy bags to clean up with.

Home made soup with extra garlic.

Blackseed oil and manuka honey for tea.

A box of Spa Tone iron water and a high dose vitamin C pack.

A family meal even sending us a take away would have been useful.

Taking my younger children out would have been useful as they didnt really understand what was going on and why mummy was sleeping all the time.

Maybe I should make up a surviving a miscarriage pack for mums.



2 thoughts on “What you can do when shes miscarried.

  1. Suleiman

    Some sound advise. It tends to be the general day to day stuff that people through a traumatic ordeal need help with the most rather that constantly being asked if they are ok, the problem with that though is in certain cultures if you don’t even ask if they are ok it is considered rude and like you don’t care. In these emotional moments it’s hard to get is right when watching it all unfold. I would suggest to anyone in these situations to just tell the person that you care, they don’t need to explain and whatever they need you will provide and then just be there for them.

    I think the way you have handled the whole situation has been outstanding and shown how strong you are as a person. A true defining moment.

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