Make your own re mineralising toothpaste at home.

Until recently I has no idea of the evils of modern toothpaste, I had dabbled with using a miswak and still use it sometimes however nothing beat the fresh mint mouth feeling of brushing with toothpaste. Until a visit to the dentist ended with hours of google searching and worry. My youngest needs surgery on his teeth apparently, he’s 5. I asked whats the alternative? the dentist had no answers. Google however had loads. There are loads of recipes for natural toothpaste on line, some use sea salt and some add castile liquid soap to add foam factor. I looked at a few and ended up with this as I had most of the ingredients to hand.

So I stocked up on the ingredients needed to make my own toothpaste which hopefully will help his teeth to heal themselves avoiding the need for surgery to remove them! Heres the recipe I used.


Re mineralising toothpaste.

5 table spoons of calcium powder (I ground “hair skin and nail” tablets to make this as they are mostly calcium carbonate and have added minerals thus avoiding having to add a mineral supplement)

3 tablespoons of bicarbonate soda or Baking powder

5 table spoons of organic coconut oil, 

2 tablespoons of powdered stevia

a few drops of orange oil or peppermint oil to taste.

Makes enough to last a few weeks I am guessing and it cost me about five quid all in all quite good value I think.


I mixed it all together in a big bowl placed in a sink of warm water, this helped the coconut oil to melt slightly, enough to be workable. I store it in a scalded jar its quite solid when cold and I use a little wooden spatula( the kind you get from a coffee shop) to place a blob on the toothbrush, it taste pleasant and leaves us with the fresh mouth feeling, time will tell if it helps little man to heal.

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