The Alternative

So whats the alternative? Thats a question I often ask myself, everyone is doing it, whats the alternative, pretty much sums up how I live my life. If everyone drinks tea I’ll have a coffee please, everyone sends their kids to school, well I’ll home educate mine thanks, modern medicine? let me try older safer methods first. Everyone loves shopping, I hate it and buy my clothes online mostly! I am quietly swimming against the tide along side my like minded partner in life.

For this people try and put a label on us, free thinkers, lefties or left wingers, hippies or hipsters, we were hipsters before it was hip! So yeah call us names if you like but we’re happy living as ecp friendly a life as we can comfortably manage, we don’t have a car we get the train everywhere, we don’t fly either. We’re odd and we like it, now what happens when a majority of people begin to think like us? I’ll be rather pleased as maybe then I’ll be able to buy raw milk locally instead of planning a two hour round trip on a sunday to get to the local farmers market!

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