10 Things That Will Make You Happier

1, Be Thankful, look around you and count your blessings. Everyone has something to be grateful for.

2, Notice the small things, The ghost the barrista drew in foam on your coffee. The happy lady singing as she cleans. The way a hug makes you feel so content.

3, Make time for yourself, take time to do something just to make yourself happy.

4, Feed Your Soul, be true to yourself, worship God and know he alone has power over everything.

5, Stay Away from Negative, even talking about how you don’t want to be negative is draining !

6, Forgive and Forget, anger harms us more than those its directed towards.

7, Plant Something and Watch it Grew, I’m not just talking plants you can plant a good idea or a plan for the future, savings or plant a line of seeds of knowledge and build on it.

8, Learn a new Skill, learn a language, learn to bake bread, learn to bite your tongue, ride a bike, run 10 km and congratulate yourself.

9, Keep Your Body Clean, a basic you’d think but you’d be surprised how much difference it makes to be truly clean, keep wuthu as much as possible.

10, Remember Allah, make dhikr throughout the day, silently and out loud what is more beautiful and enriching to a soul than hearing the praise of the All Mighty, attract the angels who will flock to you to join in.

Falling in Love

I have fallen in love, its been a long slow process and has taken many years it wasn’t love at first sight I wasn’t caught unawares this was an affection I strived for and nurtured and fed. In fact it started with hostility and disgust which took a while to get over.

Over the past decade its grown from a mild affection and respect to head over heels. The person I have learnt to love is myself. Yes I am talking about my relationship with who and what I am. I am kind to me, I am never unkind, I don’t put myself down silently or otherwise. Don’t get me wrong as in any healthy relationship I am all too aware of the personal faults I possess and yet I hide them with loyalty to me. I’m very far from perfect, but my flaws are mine, some of them are funny, some fill me with a sense of shame however I accept them all as part of who I am and love myself more for being able to spot them and work hard to iron them out with Gods help.

I give myself time to do things that make me happy and I don’t beat myself up for it. Just this morning I went back to bed and sat and read a novel for a few hours while my children watched cartoons and ate biscuits for breakfast, a luxury and I rose feeling refreshed and happy. I go for long walks, I take long baths, I read and I study and I write, I garden and I cook, I make time for my friends and my career all these things make me feel comfortable that even though my most important roles are as a wife and a mother I have an identity outside of them.

One of the most important lessons I have learnt is how vital to my health and well being it is to say no when I mean no, no I cant take on that extra role, no I cant do that favour. This stops negative feelings and prevents me getting myself stressed when I stretch myself too thinly, a true friend will understand when you say “No I cant do that I’m sorry.”

Putting myself first is not something to be ashamed of, I eat when I’m hungry and I make time for my soul to be fed with Quran and ibadah make dhikr and I rest when I am tired. I cuddle people I love I read stories to my little ones and we have fun. I never make a martyr of myself, my house is not spotless and my laundry basket is always full, I carry a bit of extra weight and I am not as strong as I need to be but i am happy with who I am right now, I can work to change things one step at a time and I’ll congratulate myself on my achievements on my journey.

I love that I was made a woman, that my body follows the cycles and that I feel the changes within physical and emotional as I move through the month. I love that Allah has blessed me with children that my body has sheltered and birthed and fed. I love that all the trials and hurts I carry don’t weigh me down and I can shake off depression by turning to my creator and crying my tears to Him who alone knows the pain I feel. All thanks is to Him alone.

I love that I have to keep pushing myself and that I have grown round and soft over the years. I look forwards to my future and whatever Allah decides is right for me I’ll put my trust in Him and be thankful by His will for who I become.