Its all RED baybee.

I totally LOVE Red days on Slimming World, I have eggs for breakfast, salad and fish for lunch and MEAT and veg for dinner!!

Heh Heh I sound like a dude!!!

I use my healthy extras for skimmed milk for coffee and dates, or bread.

I made a shepherds pie last night, lean beef topped with mashed swede and beets, it was so nice, I resisted the mashed potato on the rest of the family’s shepherds pie which was topped with a shocking amount of cheddar!!

Mashed potato is a real weakness usually.

I finished the night off with a bowl of frozen berries topped with fat free fromage frais which was yummy.

Its amazing how getting my food under control has made me feel in control of my life ! I had some good news last night, thank God for small mercies.




Slimming World

I really struggled with this the past couple of days mostly because I had already planned and shopped for the weeks meals. I fasted today which anyone who fasts will tell you means come the break fast time you are ready to eat all the sweet/fatty food in the house! It must be a survival instinct we all have built in!

I’ve just sat to plan a few meals for next week and really get my head round the diet, so I’ve figured out the free foods and am building my food plan around them, Quorn is free on both red and green days as are eggs and salads and vegetables except potatoes. I dont usually eat much meat but having had a look through some of the recipes on the web site I think I might do a few red days and enjoy some lean beef,

the beef stews and lamb curries have got my mouth watering and i’ve had my dinner !!

My son was doing a few weeks work at Krispe Kreme and came home with a dozen last night, I’ve been very good and ate just one (13 syns incase you wondered) I counted the points up.

I’ve begun exercising, starting slow, weeks of bed rest and recovering from the miscarriage have left my muscles weak and I am out of puff pretty quickly but I managed a few hours of walking, indoor cycling and an hour of gardening. The gardening was much needed as it was lost under a sea of dead leaves. I’ve already figured that I can use my healthy extras to cover the seven dates i eat every morning and my other healthy extra to cover my skinny cappuccino, two very essential parts of my day!!

I have a great recipe for a vegetarian soup with no syns so I’ll be making that for lunches too.

I didnt think that 6 weeks on I’d still be recovering from the miscarriage but I am, my cycle is all out of sync and I feel emotionally wrung out. Eating properly and exercising again will only help I hope.

Wishing you peace, thanks for reading.

Weight Loss Slimming World Starts Today

Hi World, so I am over my hissy fit and have calmed down enough to type!

So I’ve begun slimming world (again), I’ve tried it in the past and loved it I stopped because I couldnt afford to group fees. This time round I bought the book from ebay used and am getting stuck in, today was a bit all over the place as I confused the red and green days and ended up making today a green day with 25 syns used eek but tomorrow I am going to plan ahead for the whole week and get to grips with it.


So today I ate a breakfast of scrambled eggs (fat free) baked beans and a slice of wholemeal sourdough bread and butter,

coffee and milk with a one sugar,

Lunch was 8 crab sticks (I thought they we 0 syns but had to point them 1 each)

an apple a clementine and another slice of sour dough bread.


Dinner is chicken and mushroom and vegetable pie with filo pastry and lots of fat free vegetables.

snack was a penguin bar in a moment of weakness while cooking !!

I went for a two hour walk with the kids and used the gym equipment in the park too so I feel like I’ve got off to a bumpy but positive start.

I hope tomorrow is easier