Its all RED baybee.

I totally LOVE Red days on Slimming World, I have eggs for breakfast, salad and fish for lunch and MEAT and veg for dinner!!

Heh Heh I sound like a dude!!!

I use my healthy extras for skimmed milk for coffee and dates, or bread.

I made a shepherds pie last night, lean beef topped with mashed swede and beets, it was so nice, I resisted the mashed potato on the rest of the family’s shepherds pie which was topped with a shocking amount of cheddar!!

Mashed potato is a real weakness usually.

I finished the night off with a bowl of frozen berries topped with fat free fromage frais which was yummy.

Its amazing how getting my food under control has made me feel in control of my life ! I had some good news last night, thank God for small mercies.



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