Making My Own Laundry Powder.


We go through laundry powder very quickly, last year we decided to start buying eco friendly washing liquid which costs us a little more but is ethical. Recently I felt brave enough to have a go at making my own big batch of powder. It was a great sucess the clothes come our fresh and soft.


Soda Crystals Powder 1 bag 500g

Baking Soda 1/2 a small box @ 225g

Oxy Clean Stain Remover Powder 1kg

Bar of Soap- grated.

Some people like to add Natural Borax and use less soda, I mixed the lot in a very large pot and I use a couple of scoops in each wash, its useful for cleaning the cooker top and leaves sauce pans sparkling clean.

This batch cost me about £4.50 and last about a month, we are a large family doing about 15 washes a week so I got about 60 washes out of this 7.5pence per wash.


I got all the ingredients from my local Savers branch incase you were wondering where to buy these things.

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