Budget Friendly Tasty Breakfasts.


1, My number one all time tip to save money on breakfast is to invest in a good mocha pot and steel milk jug and make your own espresso at home, simply add hot frothy milk for a latte or cappuccino, we love ours so much it comes on holiday with us !!


2, Porridge, get some oats in your day, add syrups, dried fruits, jam, cinnamon, blue berries, stewed fruit or if you’re scottish, salt hehe!

3, Flapjacks, still on the oaty theme here, we make our own flapjacks heres our favourite recipe which and own own yummy yogurt flavour topping, they’ll keep you going all morning and cost a few pence each.

Yoghurt Topping,

Melt 2 100g bars of white chocolate gently in a glass bowl in the microwave, short bursts of 10 seconds on low power will do the trick but be careful not to over heat it as it becomes tough and loses its shine. When its melted add a few tablespoons of plain natural yoghurt, spread the mixture over your cooled flapjacks and put in the fridge to set over night. YUM! You could also use the yoghurt mix to coat fruit and nuts.

4, Yoghurt, buy a big pot of plain natural yoghurt for about a pound from the supermarket and add your favourite things, we like jam and fruit or a sprinkle of sugar if theres nothing more interesting.

5, Green Smoothies, buy a cheap blender, a bag of spinach, berries, a banana and a tea spoon of spirulina, ta da healthy green smoothie and no you really cant taste the spinach, look here for more green smoothie recipes.


Breakfast is a big deal in our house, it often becomes brunch as we figure if we finish breakfast at 10.30 am whats the point in having lunch?

6, Eggs, eggs, eggs, scrambled, poached, boiled, fried, omelettes, in quiches, pancakes or frittatas, EGGS.

7, Mackerel Pate and toast, whizz up a skinless smoked mackerel fillet with a tub of quark and LOTS of lemon and black pepper, on hot buttered toast its amazing, keeps for a few days in the fridge.

8, Buy a bread maker, we got ours on sale for about 50 quid a couple of years ago, we fill it up at night and set it to start in the early hours of the morning so that we wake to the smell of fresh baked bread, WARNING this is not a good idea for your waist line, buttered fresh bread with good jam or cheese is hard to resist. Second hand bread makers are everywhere as people make way for a new juicer or whatever the new gadget will be.

9, Theres other cheap tasty breakfast ideas of course like cereals and danish pastries and oh my goodness home made pretzels on a sunday morning = heaven.

I should really add one more to make it an even 10 so heres another…

10, Muesli, make your own its much nicer, cheaper in the long run too, layer it with fruit and yoghurt and coconut, yum.

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