Sunday Morning with the Teens.

Heres something I wrote last year which is just as relevant this year !!

Sunday mornings are made for lie ins, good coffee, bad T.V and yummy food. I love taking it easy on a Sunday Mornings, like the song.

My teens feel differently, neither of them have seen the light of a Sunday morning for weeks. Today I woke and after days of feeling like death warmed up I felt ok (thanks to master tonic recipe here) we went for a quick walk to buy milk and the paper and back for coffee and home made scones we’d made the night before. Idiliac Sunday morning. Until at 12.30 pm when the kitchen was in chaos as we tried to get the meat into the slow cooker with the vegetables and chopping onions was making me blind with tears, at this moment teen 2 came down looking very happy with himself and dived for the scones, only to be stopped in his tracks with …

“Breakfast is over, its lunch time now, while I’m trying to get lunch on you need to get out of the kitchen” causing a sulk and stomp back to his bed. Now with some input from the teens (we offered to turn off the internet at midnight, “wont make a difference” was the response) we’ve decided to take away their x box lead and laptop every night at midnight in an attempt to get them to go to sleep before 2 am. Dont for a minute think to jugde us on this, we’ve advised, we’ve set alarms, we’ve nudged and called and shook and shouted and they will not get up ! teen 1 missed a day of work yesterday because he didn’t haul himself out of bed in time to get to work, all week we’d been taking turns to wake him, like taking turns to poke a hibernating bear its not pleasant but on friday we decided not to do it anymore a man of nearly 18 needs to learn to wake himself and more importantly to turn off the laptop and go to sleep before 3 am, he forgets his late night tweets give him away!

Of course we’ve all been there, I know their body clocks work differently to mine, I dont mind going to sleep to the sound of one creeping down stairs and re heating left overs or the other on X Box live giggling with his mates at midnight once in a while but every day is a bit much I worry about their mental health, is it healthy to put games at the top of your list of priorities?

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