Family Holiday for under £500.

As promised heres my how to holiday for under £500 post.
First things first, holidays are usually what we cut out first when we are in debt or on a low income thinking of them as a luxury we can live without. I disagree, if we work year in year out and never take a break we’ll burn out, our health suffers and our productivity slows. A holiday is very necessary. The more stressful your work life the more vital a holiday is.

We’ve managed to do three family breaks for under 500 quid, the first time we did this I assumed I got really lucky with my deals, however since then I’ve done it again twice !
I’m not talking about a 5 star holiday, I talking making memories for your children and giving yourself time to reboot, relax and unwind.

Top 10 Holiday Booking Tips.

1, Book well in advance, I start looking at holidays about 9 months before I plan to go. Or look for last minute deals.

2, Be prepared to book in the cheaper months, we usually go the first or second week of September, we home educate so school term times are not relevant to us, however we went away this year the first week in September when the schools hadn’t gone back yet.

3, We usually book through Haven Holidays they have a great system where you can pay monthly on direct debit.
We’ve tried the “holidays for £10pp” deal in the tabloid papers and went away to Butlin’s however we spent quite a bit extra up grading and paying for activity passes which were not included in the price advertised.

4, Go self catering. Take a coffee pot and some good coffee, do a trip to the supermarket at the beginning of the holiday to stock up on rolls for lunches and cereal for breakfasts.

5, Book extra activities in advance and save yourselves cash.

6, Set a daily budget for your holiday, there will be a few days when you’ll spend very little leaving a nice amount for a blow out last night!

7, Get discounts, if you are travelling by train like us the buy a “family and friends” rail card, or use the offers holiday companies have with ferry crossings and coach travel.

8, Check out the area you are visiting before you go, often reading reviews online will help you find hidden gems, tiny fresh crab cafes or offers you might have missed other wise.

9, Plan everyday, don’t just wake up and drift through the day, know what you ll be doing, keep it flexible especially if you are in the UK, eg, One day will be a beach /exploring day, depending on the weather.

10, Do something adult friendly everyday, holidays are about the kids but they are also about us adults too, theres nothing worst than coming back feeling drained, having spent a week chasing kids away from the deep end, stopping the toddler falling into the rockpools or pushing a pushchair laden with coats, lunch and spare shoes up steep hills all day. Our favourite thing (now that there are teenagers in our house) is to leave the kids to get breakfast themselves and go for a dawn walk on the beach together.

This year we booked through Havenhttp:// and had Mon – Fri at their Kiln Park in a self catering caravan for 3 adults and 3 children for £220,(including 6 activity tickets which the kids used for archery and shooting)
I added a towel bale for £10 hire for the week,
we did a load of laundry which cost us £10 in the on site launderette.
travel was £120 by train booked through
We spent approx £100 on food while away.
We bought buckets and spades too £10.

Total £470

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