Corned Beef Pasties.

I tried these earlier this week when the weather was pretty awful and I really didn’t want to go food shopping, they went down a treat and even though I made enough for supper and lunch the next day there were none left for lunch !

Here’s the very frugal recipe.

1 Can of Corned Beef.

A medium brown onion.

3 medium potatoes peeled and cubed.

seasoning, I used lots of black pepper.

Pack of puff pastry, you can use short crust, or make it yourself.

Oven Temp 160, low oven.

First you’ll need to get the potatoes boiling and when they are almost cooked drain then and leave them to cool for a bit.
grate the onion and fry in a spoon of oil, I find grating it means there are no pieces of onion to freak out my onion phobic son!
Cube the corned beef and add to the onion in the pan, fry gently for a few mins, add pepper and any herbs you want to use.
Next fold mix in the cooled potatoes and then set aside the pan.
Roll your pastry on a floured table, I managed to get 14 small pasties out of 1 block of puff pastry. If you want them larger you’ll get less obviously.
Cut the rolled out pastry into squares and place a table spoon of mixture into each one and fold and seal. How you seal and fold is up to you, I used a fork and folded into half circles. You could also make this as one large pie, using the pastry on top of the filling in a pie dish or plate.
You can seal with egg wash and brush it over the top for a nice golden finish, my son has an egg allergy so I didn’t bother with this bit, I brushed a bit of milk on top.

I baked them until brown which was about 25 mins and left them to cool. Eat with baked beans on a rainy afternoon for the ultimate in comfort food experience!

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