Getting By

The recession has hit our family hard, very hard. We ve been struggling to make ends meet since Mr was made redundant 3 years ago. Even while he was in an office full time we were still on a tight budget, living costs in London are huge, travel, rent and utilities left little for fun, holidays or a car.

We are both self employed and over the past 12 months have earned almost nothing, this makes for depressing reading for me, we both work hard at what we do, I’m a birth worker and he’s in web and user experience¬†design.

This post is about how we’ve managed to get by and make changes so that our children are almost unaware of how tight things have got.

I’m planning further posts about each item on this list but heres a few of the things I’d like to talk about.

  • Be Grateful.
  • Value yourself and your skills, don’t work for peanuts just because you are skint, you ll end up out of pocket in the end !
  • Do make time for yourself, have a day off, go on holiday.
  • How to take a family of 6 on holiday for under ¬£500 !
  • Budget, meal plans and lists.
  • Where to food shop for a better quality of life.
  • Home education on a shoe string.

We do all of these things and make the most of each day, I must confess to going through a period of my life when I thought, “things will be better when xyz happens or I’ll be happy when I have xyz” Stopping this circle of wishful thinking, the “when I win the lottery” mentality, its a con, a whole life time can pass by and we’ve forgotten to live whilst we are planing for the utopia that will never happen.