Dream Big

So you’ve made plans, are you really aiming HIGH for just within your comfort zone?

My new motto is

Be Positive, Aim High.

I want to defeat all my demons and live the life I’ve always wanted, I wont settle for less. If I climb a mountain I will get to the top by Allah’s will.

I’m heading to the top, I ask Allah for the best, I want to be the best, give the best I can, work hard, play hard.

Sounds cliche but its my life, its one life I need to pack as much into it to make as much of a difference as I possible can before i die.

What will you achieve this year?


Hello World.

I just wanted to say, don’t believe everything you read or hear in the media.
Not all Muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are Muslims.

I’m a Muslim convert, the beauty of the religion and calming sound of Quran being recited attracted me to Islam.

If you wonder what this religion of Islam is, I strongly suggest you get a copy of the Quran and read it for yourself.
I did, after 9/11 I wanted to know where in the Quran it says to murder innocent people in cold blood, so I read it for myself and a month later I became a Muslim.
The truth contained within it was over whelming and undeniable.

Its frightening to hear people declaring all Muslims should die, that we hate non Muslims, and all kinds of other lies.

My extended family are not Muslims, doesn’t stop me loving and caring for them.

Anyone who knows anything about the Nazi rise to power in Germany, should be very concerned about the current trend in the media to blame everything on Muslims, to build fear and hate, an us and them mindset.

Muslims in Uk are feeling confused and most are getting out to educate everyone they meet about what being a Muslim really is. A small few are angry and feeling threatened.

I wish everyone peace, whatever your religion.

New Year, New Me…. Blah Blah Blah….

Hi Wonderful blog readers, So Thank God, Allhumdulilah (Praise be to God) the holidays are finally over. No I’m not a miserable so and so!

I’m a Muslim so Christmas means little to me, I love the prophet Jesus peace be upon him but I don’t celebrate his birth on 25th December. I don’t really celebrate New year either. Its not an Islamic celebration.
However growing up in Uk means that of course January 1st means new beginnings and fresh starts, diets and detoxes to me and everyone.

I am rebelling, I hate that so many people are so down over the holidays, that so many people are left alone, no family, no friends to share a meal with or even worse they have family but they don’t get on so they are excluded from the festivities. I feel strongly that cafes and shops should open on christmas day, I know of plenty of people who would like to go out for coffee and get out the house on what can be the loneliest day of the year for many.

New Years eve is the number one top spot for people to take their own lives, how awful is that? People put such weight on the whole, “what did I accomplish this year, what will I improve next year?” that if they believe they are lacking or if the year has been hard and they feel the next one will be worse they just can’t face going on. Depression is a complicated thing to understand, the holidays push many people over the edge.

My tip is don’t start any resolutions, don’t make a BIG change.
Instead look back at the previous year and make a list of your blessings from that year. I’m not going to share my list, its a private thing.
As an example it could be anything really like..

I learnt to cook moussaka, finally.

I got married.

Really anything that happened over the past 12 months that was a positive in your life.By the way neither of those things happened to me 😛

So we are going to look back and count our achievements rather than setting goals for the coming year.
Of course we should all be planning for the future, I’m not saying jus sit back and blessings will come your way!! We work bloody hard for everything we have we need to take stock sometimes and reflect on how far we’ve come, look down the mountain for a bit and then turn to face the path again.

Realise that you are pretty awesome as you are, you got this far, you have so much happiness in your life and so much potential in the future, face the year with a smile and a skip in your step, knowing that whatever you want to change in yourself isn’t going to magically happen because the calendar has changed, its so much better to take one step at a time. So go and celebrate how incredible you are and all the amazing things you did last year.

New Year New Me, Pfft, I’m already pretty awesome, Allhumdulilah, Thanks to my wonderful blessings, I’m ready to begin another stock of lessons, reminders and great memories.