Fantastic Plastic

Frankly the only thing thats fantastic about plastic is how amazingly diverse it is, almost all of our household waste contains some kind of plastic, I’ve recently (very late indeed, possibly the last household on our street) begun to separate our refuse into food (green) and compostable/plastic (blue) and paper/dirt, tissue and fabrics. (black). The black bin is full, but thats mainly because I threw away two old double duvets thats quite frankly looked like they’d been used by the homeless to sleep rough. The green bin is almost empty except for egg shells and peelings because as a family we don’t waste food, we have very very little food waste at all, basically having three very hungry children and a house guest with a very large appetite means it all gets eaten. Thank Goodness.

However I was recently named and shamed via email from my local council for not separating my rubbish, and I am horrified at how much of it there is in that blue bin, its horrific! I sincerely hope it can all be recycled but to be honest I seriously doubt it.

Everyones been ill this week with the Norovirus (thats winter vomiting bug to us Brits) this means we’ve got through loads of cartons (plastic lined tetra packs) of coconut water and pineapple juice as desperately tried to rehydrate ourselves.

I’ve also noticed how much packaging the cats food has, he eats mostly wet food, actually only wet food the fussy little tyke refuses the dry stuff completely now unless its the nibbly treats I sometimes buy him, baring in mind 50% of what he eats is home good stuff, a bit of chicken, sardines, a bit of grizzly beef or if he’s really fortunate tuna in water. So why is the bin full of cat food pouches?

My aim over the next week is to get out plastic waste down, we drink a lot of milk so that doesn’t help with the volume of plastic waste much as we buy 4 pint bottles. I haven’t seen a glass milk bottle for years.

Any suggestions on how we can lower our plastic waste would be much appreciated, we already do the following things.

* we take canvas bags when we go shopping most of the time.

* we buy refills whenever possible.

* we buy bread from the bakery rather than in plastic bags.

I am going to look into buying milk thats not in plastic, and no more tetra packs, I don’t think they are recyclable. Also cat food that doesn’t come in a million layers of wrapping!