Re visit, fantastic plastic

Over a month on, I’ve managed to get our recycling down to a wheelie bin full every TWO weeks, so thats progress, I’ve found buying fruit and vegetables loose helps. We still get through loads of milk bottles and we haven’t found a substitute for fizzy water yet (don’t say soda stream!).

Its still very much a work in progress to get our recycling load down and our bin almost empty, we’ve moved to an area with no composting bin facilities so that means food waste goes in the black, land fill bins, we dont have a garden so theres no compost pile either.

Heres what I’ve done so far.

*Buy in BULK, big boxes of cereals, BIG bottles of milk.
*Stop buying pre packed fruit and vegetables and salad leaves.
*Changed snacking habits to fresh fruits with no packaging rather than boxed snacks and packets of biscuits and crisps, its healthier too if not popular.
* Avoid all the short cut products, e.g jars of curry sauce, making it from scratch take 20 mins more but it means less salt and more flavour and less rubbish.
* re use things rather than binning them, a jam jar makes a cute vase for bluebells 🙂

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