Ramadan Food ( Contains Pictures of Yummy Food, Read after Iftar !)

Its Ramadan Allhumdulilah (praise God)!
Of course there is never a better way to get people to become obsessed with food than to have them fast!
The long hours of this years fast in the northern hemisphere means we are also constantly thinking about what delicious juices to drink once the sun dips.
Fasting for 18 hours+ means we have to carefully plan what we will eat in the two meals at sunset and before the dawn, a window of time so small that these meals have to be light and balanced or else we’ll really feel the consequences.

The meals also have to be quick and easy to prepare, Ramadan is precious and we are busy with worship night and day, spending hours in the kitchen shouldn’t factor into our holy month.

Iftars (evening meal at sunset)
After the traditional dates and water I usually put a bowl of fresh fruit salad or water melon on the table that everyone can dive into before the Maghrib prayer, I usually have a big tub of fruit salad in the fridge in Ramadan and everyday add to it or re do it, sometimes just slices of apple with lime juice and a sprinkle of sugar or honey.

You can add cinnamon or even a peanut butter dip but keep it light.

After the prayer we sit down to a meal, usually meat and rice or couscous and salad, we avoid dry or oily foods like chips or processed salty foods like sausage or frozen samosas. (I said it, we don’t eat samosas in Ramadan in our house!!)

We rarely have soup, traditionally most muslims breakfast on a rich soup, well in the culture I was raised in anyway, but my family are not keen so Harira or Choba doesn’t feature very often on our table which is a shame because I love it !

I love making a big chopped salad that goes with everything, just chop, a cucumber, two large bell peppers, a few spring onions and tomatoes and toss in olive oil and apple cider vinegar, add salt to help the juices come out and that will keep in the fridge for a few days.

You can add olives, celery, grapes, fresh chilli or avocados, all are delicious.

Nothing beats cold water at iftar Try adding fresh lime to your water and leaving it to steep for an hour before you breakfast its the most refreshing drink ever!

Juice cocktails,
try mixing coconut water with fresh pineapple juice and lime
orange juice with cranberry
mango with fizzy water
or whatever takes your fancy, but avoid sugary processed drinks like coke or pepsi which will dehydrate you and irritate your bladder and kidneys.


We keep it simple at Suhur,
eggs in a wholemeal english muffin
yoghurt with fruit and linseed
wrap with tuna and some of the chop salad I mentioned.
Lots of water.

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