Confessions of a Home Educating Mum.

Every parent, if totally honest could probably fill a book with their misdemeanours. We’ve all hid in the cupboard to eat a chocolate snack in peace without sharing, took 15 mins longer in the bathroom to read a few pages of the novel you’ve not had a chance to pick up for days.

This one’s for the home-schoolers, my home educating ‘mumfessions

  • “What about their future? ” night sweats, waking in the wee hours with the gripping fear that you have no idea what you’re doing and the children will never get qualifications, jobs, social skills, will he ever want to write? WHAT are we doing? The self-doubt at 3 am.
  • Agreed to an activity, paid the deposit, only to cancel at the last minute because it’s raining or my son doesn’t want to get dressed today, guilty.
  • Lied when asked “No school today?”  Not today, so much easier than the whole, Yes its perfectly legal, Yes they’ll get qualifications, Yes they socialise all the time, No I’m not worried about him getting a job.
  • Spent half the monthly food budget on a great educational tool, whether it is a new app, great book set, Rock climbing lessons, the new IPAD guilty, guilty, guilty.
  • Took more days off than the local LEA would be happy with, some days are made for staying in P.J’s and watching Starwars, going swimming or batch baking shortbread!
  • Cabin fever, it happens, it’s a thing, we drive each other up the wall, long winter nights and rainy days stuck inside argh.
  • Escape to the gym, I mean count down until someone arrives who can be safely left to mind your darlings while you lift weights and run to feel sane.
  • Felt more than a little smug when the schoolies are rushing around buying school uniforms and panic shopping for pencil cases in August, we got on holiday for the first two weeks in September, feeling thoroughly pleased with ourselves.
  • Counted educational opportunities through the day, He made toast food tech, ordered his own drink in the cafe maths, social skills, life skills. Fixed the laptop, engineering, I.T. Footie in the park is P.E!
  • This last one is the real dirty secret of home educators, most would never confess this one to their closest friends. Looked at schools, envisaged how many hours of free time we’d have on our hands if the off spring went to school! Then remembering why we began this crazy, hectic life we love in the first place.

6 thoughts on “Confessions of a Home Educating Mum.

  1. Naz Mcguirk

    Wow I really enjoyed and NEEDED to read this today, it made me laugh and feel tonnes better after my recent meltdown (which was mostly due to lack of sleep :-p thank you and keep writing x

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