My Secret to Time Management

Every day is busy, even weekends are a whirlwind of swimming, family events, shopping and household chores.

I’m naturally an early bird, though I’m up with the sun I’m flagging at 9 pm.
So I nap, I have a scheduled, completely adult nap most afternoons. Not just for toddlers or your grandma.
Napping is underrated in the west. You can double your productivity by simply scheduling a sleep in your day.

It means I can get up at 6 am and at 5 pm I’m still going strong and sometimes have enough energy to get to the gym in the evenings. Yes, I’m super cranky if I miss it.

Scientific Benefits Include

  • lower blood pressure
  • Better mental health
  • Boosts creativity
  • More effective than coffee to prevent afternoon tiredness.

How to Nap.

  • Put your phone down!
  • Schedule it
  • No longer than 15-30 mins
  • Make it important
  • Work up to it if you need to, 15 mins sitting with your eyes closed is better than nothing.

Giving yourself time to breathe and recharge.
How to fit it around work

  • Sit in your car on your lunch break
  • As soon as you get in from work, lay down for 15 mins

Learn about self-care, all too often in the past, I’ve found myself relying on coffee and sugar boosts to power me into the night, ending with side effects like sugar slumps, weight gain, and caffeine addiction.

We’re all trying to get the most out of every day, but how much quality work can you really get done if you’ve not had enough sleep for days?

The rest of the world stop at midday to recharge, they’re on to something.

So, have you tried napping, does it feel as though you’ve doubled your day?

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