Clean Eating v’s Dirty Eating.

Surprise, the whole, dairy free, gluten free, carb free, fat-free diet trends of the last decade or so are being exposed as maybe not as healthy as they look! psst, let’s see how long the coconut milk lattes exist in Starbucks shall we, they taste awful in my opinion.

BBC have launched several programs looking into the latest health trends, hinting that some of our favourite Instagram health gurus might be suffering from their own issues, how healthy is it to photograph every meal and document all your fitness routines anyway? cough anorexia cough…

As a former sufferer of teenage anorexia, I can spot it a mile off, it’s the obsessive behaviour, labelling that’s most worrying and labelling foods as evil, gluten isn’t bad for you unless you have a genuine intolerance. Cutting out dairy can be dangerous especially for children, never cut a food out of your child’s diet without expert advice, nut milk and soya milk are not always fortified with calcium. I found this out the had way when trying to wean my son who had a dairy allergy as a baby. I’m still obsessive but not about food and weight, more about books and films!

I was concerned to read of people getting sick after drinking raw milk in the UK. I love raw milk its one of the wonderful products I used to heal myself of stomach ulcers a few years ago. However it’s not for everyone, I weighed up the risks and drank it. The fact is pasteurisation was a medical breakthrough until then people died because of the bacteria found in raw milk. Don’t drink it is you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a low immune system or give it to the elderly or children. I’ve had countless arguments with people online over this, they insist it’s great stuff, even give it to their baby under a year, horrendously risky.

Vegan diets are great, awesome healthy wy to live but be sure you are getting all your nutrients, I was so low in iron when I was vegan I became dangerously anaemic, the truth is that it’s harder to absorb nutrients from plants than it is from animal sources. Especially for myself at the time I was battling stomach ulcers which meant my whole digestive system was compromised.

A few years ago I read several articles detailing how amazing coffee enemas were for the digestive system, with photos of young beautiful people glowing with health, I got as far as looking at the whole kit on eBay before shaking my head and wondering where it would stop! In my defence I still had the whole ulcer situation going on, anyone who has felt the gnawing pain at 3 am knows you’ll drink anything, and compared to freshly juiced cabbage an enema seems to be getting off lightly.

I have teenage sons, I’ve seen how dirty eating can get up close, takeaways, chicken shops, pizzas, pot noodles, you name it they LOVE it! So I like to strike a happy medium, pizza night is Saturday night, and apart from that, I’m flexible, as long as there are eggs for breakfast and soup or salad for lunch I’m all good.

I wonder what this year will bring in the way for healthy eating, it looks like real butter is making a comeback already Yipee!!

I’m not doctor or health expert and over the years following fads has left me washed out and tired, with the frightening side effects of my own zeal to be healthy. Anyone remember the cabbage soup diet? parp.. disaster.

Take it with a pinch of salt Himalayan of course!



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