Confessions of a Home Educating Mum.

Every parent, if totally honest could probably fill a book with their misdemeanours. We’ve all hid in the cupboard to eat a chocolate snack in peace without sharing, took 15 mins longer in the bathroom to read a few pages of the novel you’ve not had a chance to pick up for days.

This one’s for the home-schoolers, my home educating ‘mumfessions

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Ideas To Boost Your Income.

We all need more cash, theres a recession you know !
Heres a few ways to get out of the red.

Ebay, de-clutter and earn some cash.

Successful Blogging, generates advertising space and if you review you might get sent freebees.

Selling books on amazon, start with the ones on your self you don’t need but add to your sales by looking for books in charity shops, TKMax, bookstores and car boot sales, rare books make money, no one wants your dog eared copy of Pride and Prejudice ( or mine for that matter) but we once sold a copy of a Zelda guide for a nice lot of cash.

Gumtree, sell all kinds of things and services here.

Face painting, its a demanded skill, buy some and get practising on yourself and the kids !

Henna body art, as before get practising! especially popular in Muslim areas the night before Eid, I have a friend who set up a table in East London on Eid night a few years ago and made over £250 in a few hours of manic hennaring (is that a word?). Weddings, fetes and pregnant mama belly art, lots of ideas.

Learn to code on Tree House and make templates, logos and banners to earn extra pounds. Invest in yourself.

Use whatever you are good at, life gives you lemons, make lemonade (or however the saying goes) you’re a great gardener/make up artist/cleaner/tutor/ artist. Get busy and make yourself a few quid using your expertise.

Train as a Doula, a doula is a professional birth partner, there are courses available across the world and even online, read as much as you can on the subject and get to as many births as possible. A London doula can make up on average £700 a birth. It takes dedication and patience but its the most amazing job.

Book Keeping and Accounts, the tax deadline is creeping up on us, I’ve been helping my husband do his accounts for years and believe me I’d LOVE to be able to pay someone to do it for us !

Write, everyone is at it these days and the new technology means we can self publish on Kindle and Nook and other platforms for free.

Right I’m off to write a book whilst covering a birth, practising henna on myself and face painting my kids 😛